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Retail Signage Reflects Time and Culture

We love unique signs. Many of us grew up in a prewar neighborhoods within walking distance to a main street, where the varied signs related to individual retailer identities. At night these graphics served as beacons, animated by spot lights, neon and exposed bulbs.  Over the years we’ve noticed many of these beautiful icons were replaced with generic plexi-glass box signs found in typical suburban strip malls. This led to a desire to document many of these old signs, as well as cleverly designed newer signs.

As the collection has grown, we’ve organized these images by typologies ,primarily defined by their material or mounting applications. These typologies include:

  • Wall Painted
  • Window
  • Cut Metal Letter
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Blade
  • Pole
  • Roof
  • Ground

The images above are a representation of some of our favorites found in Southern California, across the nation and from travels abroad. In the future we’ll share more images of interesting signs, including newer playful designs, as well as signs designed here at Studio One Eleven.

Customized Prefab Provides Economy, Sustainability and Flexibility

Conservation Corp of Long Beach - Environmental Education Center
Exterior view showing cedar siding and metal wall panels 

The recently completed Conservation Corps of Long Beach Environment Education Center, a recycling center and educational community space in Signal Hill, shows that prefab construction can save cost, and contribute to the building’s functionality and sustainability, while not sacrificing aesthetics.

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Senior Housing – “beyond sticks and bricks”

Kasey Burke, Senior Vice President of Meta Housing, accepts SAGE award (left), and S111’s Michael Bohn meets with SAGE “Person of the Year” Annie Gerard (right).

Last week Studio One Eleven was honored at the 2010 SAGE Awards Dinner for our Long Beach Senior Arts Colony, which was recognized in the “On the Boards” category. The SAGE Award highlights individuals, projects and programs that have made outstanding contributions to enhance the quality of life of Southern California residents aged 50+. This year there were a record number of entries, so we are proud to be a part of a winning team.

The SAGE Awards are given annually by the 50+ Housing Council, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary. Many of the influential icons in the senior housing industry were acknowledged at the event, including John Huskey, President of Meta Housing Corporation, Vicki Clark, President of Vintage Senior Housing, and Barbara Krueger, founder of the first 50+ Housing Council in Orange County.  It was a great opportunity to network and learn about the issues that guide our work as architects who design for senior and/or affordable housing projects.

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Sustainability Goes to Work in the East Village

Photo by EPK Photography

The East Village Creative Offices recently welcomed its latest tenant – local developer/contractor JR van Dijs, Inc. When designing the interiors, we maintained a focus on creating a sustainable workplace. By incorporating operable windows to capture ocean breezes, and operable skylights to exhaust hot air from the space, the design eliminated the need for air conditioning. The skylights and windows also contribute to the large amount of daylighting throughout the open office floor plan, so that only individual task or accent lighting is required during the day. This creates comfortable working conditions for the inhabitants, who have control over the indoor environment, and already commented that they feel healthier and happier working with a constant stream of fresh air and natural light. Jan Van Dijs, president of the company, is also happy – the improved environment means his employees are more productive and his energy bills are lower. Sustainability makes its way into the water fixtures, including the installation of dual-flush toilets, and into the interior walls, handrails, and stairs, which are composed of recycled lumber. Using these recycled materials creates a richer, more interesting workplace where the occupants feel good knowing they are minimizing their impact on the environment and contributing to the vitality of the community.

Check out more images of the JR Van Dijs Office on our website:

Photo by EPK Photography

(Even Kuma, the company dog, loves being in this space!)