Monthly Archives: July 2012

Graffiti? What Graffiti?

Our Long Beach Senior Art Colony project has a lot of burnished block at street level. In an effort to keep its naturally beautiful texture from being slathered over with paint due to graffiti concerns, we recently tested an anti-graffiti system meant to stop graffiti from becoming a permanent problem. The video above shows a demonstration of Graffiti Solution Systems tackling four layers of paint and permanent marker, washing it away in minutes.

Proper application of the coating yields a relatively smooth, continuous, pinhole-free surface on the substrate that can be cleaned with a spray called Erasol, literally “erasing” any graffiti from the walls. One of the most impressive things about this system is that the spray – seen here slicing through layers upon layers of heavy-duty paint – is rendered neutral with just a splash of water, making it environmentally friendly as well as effective.