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Travelers Get First Taste of Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport has undergone a dramatic makeover. Gone are the temporary trailers that made it (in)famous, and in their place are two brand new terminal buildings.

Between these buildings, known as the North and South Concourses, is a lush garden court on-axis with the original 1940’s terminal. Within, 10,000 square feet of new retail and restaurant space that is distinctly “Long Beach”. Designed by Studio One Eleven and featuring a variety of Long Beach-based branding partners, spaces reflect the unique character of each retailer and complement the terminals’ simple designs with a contemporary aesthetic.

Celebrating Southern California’s temperate climate, the design incorporates three distinct patios comprising 4,200 square feet of outdoor seating. Features within the patios include a fire place and fire table, living wall, cabanas, suspended lights, landscaping, and an area for outdoor performances.

Building on the airport’s popularity for its affordability and convenience, these improvements have transformed Long Beach Airport into a relaxed, resort-like destination that might just encourage travelers to arrive early!

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Creating a “Front Door” at The Oaks

The Oaks is an elementary school that rents its classroom space from the historic United Methodist Church in Hollywood. The school has matured and grown beyond the original two classrooms it had in 1986, but has not had a plan in place to direct its growth and unify its circulation and various spaces.

Our challenge is to provide interior space planning that connects current and future classrooms as well as to design an exterior façade that will give the school a clear point of entry. Our design includes direct interior access to classrooms, a wall graphic inspired by the school logo, a large oak tree, and a covered porch with trellis-covered seating.

The intent is to create a new “front door” to the school, and these elements will work together to provide The Oaks with the distinct identity and inviting presence it’s been missing.

The Oaks – Existing Condition