Monthly Archives: January 2013

Drink It In: Parklets Come to San Diego County

San Diego County is about to get its first parklet. We’re developing a curb café design in downtown Carlsbad for Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant that will span two diagonal parking stalls and provide additional seating for up to 35 guests. The design will feature a rustic communal dining table, bright orange pots, and a banquet bench with bold, serape-inspired patterning. Garcia’s hopes to begin construction in the spring, once a general policy for curb cafés is adopted by the city.

Supported by Urban Place Consulting Group, the city’s urban design advisor, the proposed curb café parklet is viewed as a revitalization tool to help further invigorate the downtown.

To date, Studio One Eleven has designed all built parklets in Southern California.
Read about the hottest new urban planning trend here.

DJ Arkatekt Does It Again

Every year at Studio One Eleven starts with a song. Or, more accurately, several songs.

For the past six years, our very own Eric “DJ Arkatekt” Gomez has gone out of his way to make sure that we dance into January. His holiday mix has become a tradition that we look forward to all year, and we make it known. “Even if I were to forget, it’s a given that someone will ask about it around Thanksgiving,” says Eric. “In the end, though, the appreciation from my fellow colleagues makes it worth my time and effort. I enjoy doing this year after year because I appreciate my colleagues just as much!”

This year’s theme was simple: music for dancing. The process, however, is not so simple: “I look forward to making these mixes because of their eclectic nature,” Eric continues. “There are many different types of people in our studio, and it shows in their music choices. I pick a theme, but each person picks their own song(s) and the different genres make the mix fun, yet challenging, for me to strategize.” The end result is a unique track that reflects who we are as a studio and keeps us entertained all year long!

For a free copy of this year’s mix, visit and follow DJ Arkatekt on his SoundCloud page. Enjoy!

Sketch of the Week: 245 Broadway

This week’s sketch is of a new mixed-use urban infill project we’re starting in downtown Long Beach. One of our challenges is to create an active ground floor for pedestrians when a lot of retail won’t pencil out. We also want to provide some dynamic amenities and vary the massing; in this case, we’ll introducing a taller, tower-like element at a prominent corner in wood frame construction.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops!

Weingart-Lakewood YMCA Approved

The City of Lakewood Planning Department has unanimously approved the Conditional Use Permit for the renovation and expansion of the Weingart-Lakewood YMCA. This renovation will include the demolition of the southeast wing and an annex building, which will provide an opportunity for a new public face to the community.

The front entry will be relocated to the main boulevard (Carson Street), and the new transparent façade and bold new “Y’ graphics will provide a contemporary and inviting presence. Patrons will enter to a “great hall” that physically and visually connects the various interior and exterior program spaces, and the outdoor pool area has been redesigned to evoke a resort-like feel. New landscaping, outdoor seating, expanded event space with trellis, and movie wall will work together to promote flexibility and community activities.

By consolidating the facilities in the 20,000 s.f. addition, approximately one-third of building area will be added while simultaneously doubling the amount of much-needed parking. This renovation will help generate a variety of programs that will attract the diverse community of the City of Lakewood.