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Paul Tay: Pioneer of Long Beach Modernism

Paul Tay, a prolific mid-century architect, will receive a well-deserved “Excellence in Architecture” Award from Long Beach Heritage tonight. Our own Michael Bohn nominated him because of the numerous residential and commercial projects he worked on in Long Beach.

Mr. Tay is most well-known for his “Hex-House” concept; consisting of hexagonal-shaped rooms in a honeycomb pattern, this concept maximizes floor space and creates multiple focal points by minimizing unusable corners.

A sketch of “Hex House” circa 1966.

Coincidentally, we will also be receiving an award tonight in the contextual in-fill category for our 4th Street parklets. We credit forward-thinking architects like Paul Tay for laying the groundwork that makes our success possible.

For more information on the Long Beach Heritage Awards, click here.

Photo Gallery: The Annex

Part of a transit-oriented master planned development, this thirty-nine unit very affordable housing project is the first phase of a mixed use, mixed-income, multi-generational development. Located in a pedestrian-active, dense, multifamily neighborhood, the ground and second floor parking is lined with amenity spaces along 12th Street in order to create a lively and inviting storefront. The building is inspired by its proximity to the beach and employs playfully painted siding, large balconies, and a tower element inspired by life guard stations. Building amenities include a community room, computer lab, convenient bicycle storage, barbecue area, and raised garden to grow vegetables and flowers.

Already fully rented, this project is a hit. Said one senior resident: “the design is very youthful, making it a wonderful and fun place to live.” Some people even gave us hugs!