Monthly Archives: June 2013

Establishing Continuum: The Downey Arch


We were chatting with the inimitable critic, author and urban planner Sam Hall Kaplan recently about the great value of continuum in place making. My thoughts from that point forward were stuck on an archway in Downey. Over the years, Studio One Eleven has advised numerous cities throughout the region on architectural and urban design and, at the moment, we happen to be working on the Downey Civic Center Master Plan.

Creating a physical vision for any city, town or neighborhood allows us to take a closer look at its identity and how we might use the underlying character and values of a community to establish a meaningful and vibrant sense of place. In Downey, we lucked upon an archway to articulate a unique narrative for the city. As you explore our gallery below, notice how the Downey Archway allows us to connect (as good arches do), reinforce and enhance the civic center’s historical context with its evolving identity—reflected through place.