Monthly Archives: July 2013

H20 Intervention

When working on community-based landscape beautification projects with limited budgets, we often help to procure materials and oversee plant placement. Irrigation can be a costly challenge and while this may be mitigated through smart design, including the use of drought-tolerant plants and other materials, street trees can be difficult to establish without watering systems. Hence our Studio One Eleven experiment with Treegator slow release watering bags. It takes five minutes to install the bag around the tree trunk and about a minute to fill with water. So give an urban tree a drink, already! The bag just needs to be refilled once a week and the entire neighborhood can pitch in if needed (take note, kids)! This does involve some participation but we think that this type of temporary irrigation may prove an effective and inexpensive way to help support the growth of new trees in an urban environment. We’ll keep you posted.