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Lilyan Fierman Walkway Community Workshop

Downtown San Pedro, CA – On Friday, March 7, 2014, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative and Studio One Eleven will be co-hosting a community workshop soliciting community input on a revitalization effort to transform the Lilyan Fierman Walkway, adjacent to the historic Warner Grand Theatre. The open forum, which will be held this Friday from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the walkway on 6th Street between Pacific Avenue and Mesa Street, will consist of two workshops: the first engaging the public for inspiration and ideas and the latter asking for design feedback. The interactive initiative to transform this facet of the community is dedicated to LANI’s goal of further improving the pedestrian environment through public and private partnerships. With community sponsored input, Studio One Eleven will leverage their urban design expertise to transform Fierman’s Walkway and thus catalyze its potential for economic development.


Studio One Eleven and LANI’s coalition to revitalize low and middle-income neighborhoods around LA began over a decade ago. Brad Williams, Chief Operating Officer and Associate Principal at Studio One Eleven, says the firm was first drawn to the neighborhood organization because of their similar values. “Studio One Eleven is passionate about incremental urbanism. Alongside LANI, we are dedicated to being part of the continual improvement of the city’s fabric.” As one of Studio One Eleven’s first clients, their partnership with LANI extends far beyond the completion of past projects and into the true meaning of their work: the community. “We are eager to yet again be working with this wonderful organization to stimulate positive growth in San Pedro.” They have collaborated on a number of projects including the Virgil Village Traffic Calming Plan and the Leimert Park Façade Renovation.

The Lilyan Fierman Walkway project itself began in 2013. Tiffany Peterson, a designer at Studio One Eleven and project manager for this opportunity, is eager to begin work on the historic walkway. Although she has some ideas for the design, the bulk of her inspiration will come from community input. On her goal for the workshop taking place during the San Pedro Farmer’s Market, she states, “This is San Pedro’s walkway. I want to take a step back in the process, let the community give me ideas and walk away with a solid foundation for the design based on a good understanding of how they want to transform their walkway.” Studio One Eleven and LANI have used this strategy in the past to great success in the Virgil Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. (See ).

Together, LANI and Studio One Eleven’s goal for the workshop is to parlay inspiration from the public for improvement upon existing conditions in order to create a safer, walkable neighborhood for pedestrians. After this Friday’s workshop, work will begin on the revitalization effort. The Lilyan Fierman Walkway is estimated to be complete by October 2014.

Historic Warner Grand Theatre, adjacent to Lilyan Fierman Walkway

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