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Revitalizing an Equestrian Past: Willowbrook


Many longtime residents of the Willowbrook area, located in southeast Los Angeles, still affectionately remember its agrarian and equestrian roots. To combat the urbanization that has since challenged the area with poverty, homelessness and crime; Studio One Eleven has designed a new 63-unit affordable housing community to revitalize the once thriving neighborhood.

A01 Design Criteria_14102 Sheet (1)

The building style will abstractly reference the community’s agricultural roots (as shown in the diagram above) and will incorporate many features for healthy living including: integrating stairs to encourage walking, community gardens and a communal kitchen set to demonstrate healthy food preparation.

Studio One Eleven LB Airport designs gain international recognition

In 2012, Long Beach Airport sought help from Studio One Eleven for concourse renovations including almost 10,000 square feet of new retail and restaurant space. Our designs provided unique spaces for a number of Long Beach-based tenants, while still complementing the simplicity of the original 1940s terminal structures.

Long Beach Airport by Studio 111/  Photography by Tom Bonner - J

In the past, the completed project has garnered recognition from various domestic publications for the many awards it has won for “food, the new concourse, and restoration efforts” (See the Press-Telegram article here) But recently, the small airport caught the attention of the British Broadcasting Company’s digital publication and was featured in an article listing the “10 most beautiful airports in the world

Highlighted airports were selected based upon both their design and atmosphere. Long Beach stands among 9 other airports around the world, and is recognized as a “relaxed and gracious alternative” to its much larger counterpart, LAX in Los Angeles. We are proud to have been a part of the renovation efforts, and congratulate Long Beach Airport on their continuous achievements.