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Join the “Movember” Movement!

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There has been some recent “growth” around the office, but it’s not because of their workloads that our staff have yet to shave their ‘staches. Team “Milk Moustache” is made up of a number of Studio One Eleven and P+R employees who have committed to the 30-day “Movember” challenge of growing out their facial hair to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. We welcome everyone to join our company team either through growth (sign-up on the team page) or if that seems like a challenge, go to our donation page here to participate!

8th Street Art at The Bloc


Exciting progress on The Bloc continues to re-invigorate the surrounding neighborhood as artist Chris Lux begins work on the vibrant murals that will add life to the 8th Street side of the project. Wednesday marked the start of the artist’s contribution to the ongoing process of repositioning the shopping center as a unique, mixed-use destination for Downtown Los Angeles. As you will see in the photos, Lux’s murals activate a dense, homogeneous structure by creating a work of art that reflects the diverse culture that defines the surrounding area.

blog_collage_the bloc

Progress will continue in the coming weeks as another large mural will be added to the 8th Street side of The Bloc.

AIA Los Angeles tour of the Bloc ft. Alan Pullman

Take part in the tour and panel discussion at the Bloc by watching the video here!


On October 30, AIA Los Angeles hosted 60 people a tour of our project, the Bloc, featuring a discussion lead by a number of involved panelists including our own Alan Pullman. Attendees were taken on a tour of the adaptive reuse on Flower St. in DTLA as it continues construction, and were given an inside glimpse into the future design and plans.

Studio One Eleven Founder, Alan Pullman sat beside other members of the Bloc team including company representatives from the developer, landscape architect and cultural anthropologist who all provided their insights regarding the design process and goals. Brian Cornelius of the Ratkovich Company noted, “We want this place to be about getting the consumer and the producer side by side.” As a pedestrian friendly, mixed-use development – with a meticulously curated list of tenants –  the aspirations for the project will be met. As Alan Pullman added, the synergistic collaboration from all members of the design and development team enables the Bloc to be designated as “the ultimate urban design expression for Los Angeles.”


The Bloc continues to add to its list of high profile tenants, like Alamo Drafthouse, as it proceeds through construction. Situated at the epicenter of the region’s expanding transit system, the site is designed to be one of the most significant T.O.D. in the city – a metro stop will be part of the development and transit riders will emerge into the center of the development.

We appreciate AIA Los Angeles for allowing us this opportunity to share our enthusiasm for the future of this poignant project with the guests of the tour, and look forward to sharing more details as they surface.


Rendering of the Bloc via Studio One Eleven