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‘Precious Cargo’ Modular Urban Furniture Installation in Long Beach

Two of our designers, Shelby Batalla and Helen Cheuk, were recently awarded a Placemaking Grant from Long Beach Placemaking Manager, Sean Warner and the Downtown Long Beach Associates Public Realm Committee. Out of 54 applications only five grants were given.

Applicants were asked for ideas that would increase safety, and beautify, or alter the Downtown Long Beach public landscape in ways that would benefit the local community. Shelby and Helen proposed to introduce a dynamic and creative urban furniture collection along Pine Avenue between Ocean Boulevard and E. Shoreline Drive to add visual interest and create a cohesive pedestrian experience along this underutilized corridor.

‘Precious Cargo,’ is a modular system with four standard units. Collectively, this unique installation creates an urban treasure map that visually guides pedestrians toward places of interest. The modular units are also designed to be used as seating, bike racks, and signage. Solar collectors will harvest energy from the sun and illuminate the pieces at night. Wayfinding messages will be branded onto the upcycled wooden pallets using pyrography giving the furniture a distinctive cargo-like look that speaks to Long Beach’s nautical and industrial history.

16-0302_Urban Furniture_Marketing-3

This installation is part of a larger effort to activate the area and to connect people to Downtown Long Beach. ‘Precious Cargo’ pieces will be located by ‘The Loop,’ a new and exciting installation on the corner of Pine and Ocean, near the Convention Center and The Pike Outlets.

To view the entire ‘Precious Cargo’ design package click here.

Also, for updates about ‘Precious Cargo’ follow them on Instagram @adhoc_collab


Landscape Studio Plant of the Month: California Poppy

California’s state flower, the California Poppy, is a vivid orange annual, short-lived, perennial wildflower. The two-inch orange flowers bloom from fine parsley like silvery green foliage. It is best grown when planted as a seed before winter rain, naturally blooms from March to May and reaches 12 to 18 inches tall. Although naturally grown in sunny open fields, it is suited to the California climate, seasonal rain and poor soil, which makes the wildflower ideal for parkways, roadsides, yards or even containers.


It provides a bright focal point to the landscape and attracts local native birds. California Poppy is commonly found in many native and wildflower seed mixes but can also be found in trays ready to be planted. They are very low maintenance and re-seed easily on their own.  The orange and silvery green foliage is nicely complimented with other native plants like Salvia leucophylla (Purple Sage), Ceanothus (California lilac), Penstemon spectabilis (Showy Penstemon) or other blue/ purple flowering plants. You may see this native wildflower blooming in your local landscape this spring.


Studio One Eleven Expands With New Office in Downtown Los Angeles

As our firm continues to grow we are happy to announce the opening of our new office in Downtown Los Angeles. The office overlooks one of our firm’s largest and most complex projects to date, The Bloc.

photo 7

Perched on 7th Street overlooking The Bloc’s main plaza, our Studio will be an integral part of Downtown Los Angeles’ newest urban regeneration project.  Marcus Luciani, Associate Principal and Project Manager on The Bloc is the Director of the new space.

“As architects and urbanists, we couldn’t be happier to be moving into our new office in Downtown,” said Marcus Luciani, Director of the new downtown office.  “To have an office within one of our most accomplished projects is going to be a great opportunity for our company and will help us to further engage in the redevelopment of Downtown Los Angeles.”

Our current projects include mixed-use, office, hotel and community buildings across the region.  In addition to the Bloc, we are working on; continued revitalization of the La Brea District in mid-city, master planning of The Lot in West Hollywood, and leading a community visioning project in Reseda with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative and Councilmember Bob Blumenfield’s office.

With this new space, our firm is able to better service our existing clients, giving us the opportunity to explore new ways in furthering our practice of urban revitalization  throughout the city of Los Angeles.

You can stop by our new office at 700 S. Flower St, Suite 520, Los Angeles, CA 90017.