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Sneak Preview: The Roost

We pride ourselves on repositioning under-performing properties for our clients. We’ve completed several with great success from both an economic and community enhancement perspective, such as Courtyard Lofts; Lincoln & Rose; and 4th+Linden, where we also acted as the developer. We are currently in the midst of completing La Brea, which caters to high-end Los Angeles hipsters, as well as a development in Pacoima that creates a community gathering place in a Latin American immigrant neighborhood.

The Roost
Now, a sneak preview of our latest adaptive re-use project in Santa Ana known as “The Roost.” The site is in the Station District on Santa Ana Boulevard, which is the main artery into Downtown from the 5 Freeway. It is a five minute stroll from the train station and two blocks from the cool East End that includes The Playground, Yost Theater and soon-to-open Food Market. A light rail train is slated to begin construction in 2015 and is proposed to travel down Santa Ana Boulevard, passing our project on its way into downtown and eventually connecting with the City of Anaheim.

Santa Ana’s rich historic downtown is attracting the arts, entertainment and culinary industries. The Roost promises to be at the center of this creative and professional infusion, adding to the neighborhood’s artsy luster with boutiques, crafts, patio dining, and unique spaces to hang out.

The Roost - Elevations

The Roost is a sustainable adaptive reuse project with a passion for Craft, Culture and Community. It is a mixed use, transit-oriented development intended to become “The Community’s Living Room.” The project will benefit from a dynamic mix of structures; including re-purposed cargo containers, a renovated craftsman bungalow duplex, a 1920’s commercial building and a reinvented two story barn. All units will have exclusive garden areas for the enjoyment of residents, patrons and shop keepers. “The Roost” is close to permit-ready and will be finished in just a few months. Come out and see for yourself what all the cackling is about!

A Six-Year Grassroots Effort Planted in Time for Earth Day

A not-so-uncommon conversation between neighbors about the lack of pedestrian safety on their street escalated into an urban intervention that would reshape and green one of the busiest streets of their Long Beach, CA neighborhood. On Saturday, April 13, those neighbors: Studio One Eleven’s Michael Bohn and Long Beach Fire Chief Mike DuRee, together with over 200 Long Beach volunteers and Belmont Heights residents, completed a six-year grassroots effort to calm traffic and promote pedestrian activity across Broadway through new landscaped medians. The medians transferred one-third of an acre of asphalt into permeable landscape, reducing storm water run-off, to feature 6,600 plants such as agave, kangaroo paw, limonium and blue senecio over (almost) one-quarter mile. All in time for Earth Day.

Adding more green to the conversation: Belmont Heights residents successfully raised funds to cover the costs of irrigation and plant materials.

To learn more about this project, click the links below:

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A Letter from Collage


Our mission at Studio One Eleven is to create more vibrant communities through an integrated practice of architecture, urbanism, and landscape design. Judging from the following letter, sent to us by a current resident at our Collage apartment project, we are accomplishing our goal one project at a time.

To whom it may concern,

I was one of the first people to move into Collage Apartments. Before I moved into my wonderful apartment home I was homeless with my daughter and pregnant with my son. We were staying in over-priced dirty motels. When I got a call for an interview to live at Collage, I was overjoyed. I watched Collage being built, and I thought “One day, I hope to live in a place as beautiful as that”. Now, I’m lucky to say that I DO live here, and my apartment overlooks the tot-lot where I can watch my daughter safely play as I am in the kitchen making dinner.

The look on my daughter’s face when I gave her the tour of Collage was unforgettable. All she could say was, “I love our new home, Mommy”. Our brand new apartment includes a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. I am also thrilled to have a parking garage! We have barbeque grills, a tot lot, and a community garden where all the residents can grow their own vegetables. The gates around the property are always locked, and we even have a security guard at night. The police also patrol the area often, which has made the streets safer. We have access to a computer lab, resident services, and after school programs. One of the programs is for healthier eating and staying fit – my daughter and I look forward to being a part of that.

Our home is in the center of Long Beach and we are surrounded by parks. My daughter’s school is walking distance, and we are only 2 blocks from the Metro Train that we often use to take trips downtown to the beach, the movies, and Shoreline Village. A local grocery store is only 3 blocks away and they have a free van service to bring you home with your food and help you to your door.

These apartments are a wonderful blessing, not only to me but also to the community. I love that I can live in a beautiful place where I can pay the rent without any worries, and that I live so close to places that I can walk to. Living here makes me feel that I can accomplish anything. Thank you, Studio One Eleven, for my first real place I can call home.


Photo Gallery: The Annex

Part of a transit-oriented master planned development, this thirty-nine unit very affordable housing project is the first phase of a mixed use, mixed-income, multi-generational development. Located in a pedestrian-active, dense, multifamily neighborhood, the ground and second floor parking is lined with amenity spaces along 12th Street in order to create a lively and inviting storefront. The building is inspired by its proximity to the beach and employs playfully painted siding, large balconies, and a tower element inspired by life guard stations. Building amenities include a community room, computer lab, convenient bicycle storage, barbecue area, and raised garden to grow vegetables and flowers.

Already fully rented, this project is a hit. Said one senior resident: “the design is very youthful, making it a wonderful and fun place to live.” Some people even gave us hugs!

Drink It In: Parklets Come to San Diego County

San Diego County is about to get its first parklet. We’re developing a curb café design in downtown Carlsbad for Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant that will span two diagonal parking stalls and provide additional seating for up to 35 guests. The design will feature a rustic communal dining table, bright orange pots, and a banquet bench with bold, serape-inspired patterning. Garcia’s hopes to begin construction in the spring, once a general policy for curb cafés is adopted by the city.

Supported by Urban Place Consulting Group, the city’s urban design advisor, the proposed curb café parklet is viewed as a revitalization tool to help further invigorate the downtown.

To date, Studio One Eleven has designed all built parklets in Southern California.
Read about the hottest new urban planning trend here.

Sketch of the Week: 245 Broadway

This week’s sketch is of a new mixed-use urban infill project we’re starting in downtown Long Beach. One of our challenges is to create an active ground floor for pedestrians when a lot of retail won’t pencil out. We also want to provide some dynamic amenities and vary the massing; in this case, we’ll introducing a taller, tower-like element at a prominent corner in wood frame construction.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops!