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Sketch of the Week: 245 Broadway

This week’s sketch is of a new mixed-use urban infill project we’re starting in downtown Long Beach. One of our challenges is to create an active ground floor for pedestrians when a lot of retail won’t pencil out. We also want to provide some dynamic amenities and vary the massing; in this case, we’ll introducing a taller, tower-like element at a prominent corner in wood frame construction.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops!

Sketch of the Week: Transit Mixed-Use

We recently participated in a competition for a proposed mixed-use project located at a transit station. It was a great opportunity for us to study the integration of streets, uses, open space, massing, and parking while at the same time creating a livable environment and promoting a sense of place. This sketch illustrates the elevated rail station; proposed are live-work lofts, townhouses, and retail to activate the ground floor and office/housing above. The rail station is integrated into the site to promote convenient linkages for pedestrians, cyclists, and automobiles.

Wish us luck on winning this competition!

Sketch of the Week: McKenna’s at Long Beach Airport

Continuing the airport theme, this week’s sketch is of McKenna’s on the Fly at the soon-to-be revamped Long Beach Airport. The sketch is a section through the space to determine conflicts, opportunities and details. The design inspiration behind this formal dining establishment is a modern American chophouse; features will include Carrera marble, reclaimed wood, hexagonal tile, rich dark paint colors, individual table lamps, and leather booths. A sushi bar will be centrally located within the space, defined by a modern tin ceiling and suspended light fixtures.

The north wall of the patio will include an outdoor fireplace as well as operable glass doors to connect the exterior patio with the sushi bar. The original restaurant name, “McKenna’s on the Bay“, will be playfully renamed “McKenna’s on the Fly” to distinguish its unique airport location.