Studio One Eleven Creates a “Long Beach Display Garden” at the 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition

Ariel view of Studio One Eleven’s “Long Beach Display Garden” design at the 2014 Expo.

LONG BEACH, CA (April 18, 2014) – The 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition, commencing on April 25th and continuing through October is being hailed as the “Olympics for the international horticultural community.” The goal of such gathering is to promote the economic, cultural, and technical exchanges throughout the world and to showcase globally diverse advancements in the horticultural realm. Here, countries express their culture and history through their own displays of horticultural mastery, all pertaining to the theme or core concepts of the international exposition. An estimated 12 million visitors are expected to view the cultural show at this year’s exposition in Qingdao, China.

Studio One Eleven’s Involvement in the Qingdao Expo
The theme for this year’s expo is “From the earth, for the earth,” which is conveyed through a number of internationally diverse gardens making up over 405 acres of presentation space. Kirk Keller, Senior Designer and leader of the landscape architecture group within Studio One Eleven at P+R Architects, collaborated with the firm’s Shanghai office and members of the Qingdao International Horticultural Executive Committee to produce a design evocative of the culture and ethos of Long Beach (a sister city of Qingdao) and translatable for the “World Horticultural Stage.”

“Our design reflects the human experience in relationship to the earth. The garden allows for a symbiotic relationship with people – interacting and engaging in the outdoors as an extension of their living space. The indoor/outdoor relationship, particularly in our climate, is fluid with no line of demarcation between the two. Thus, people intermingle in their indoor living spaces as they do in the outdoors. The garden justly becomes another room for people to inhabit.”

Kirk and the Studio One Eleven team worked intimately with P+R Architects’ Shanghai office to produce a design evocative of the culture and ethos of Long Beach (a sister city of Qingdao). The mild climate affords the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round which consequently has influenced both housing designs and lifestyles. The display space will be divided into five garden zones. Each zone represents a significant historical period of Long Beach highlighting the ‘outdoor room’. The zones emulate the relationship between the environment and the use of garden space through planting design (native and non-native species), shelter and open spaces for gathering.

For further details about the event please visit the Qingdao Exposition’s Website.

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